Where does the Sunday School meet?

At 9:15 a.m. on Sundays, our campus is a busy place with classes and groups for all ages. Sunday School has a summer break from June to August.

Sunday School for children ages 3-5th grade meets in Education East building, located on the northeast corner of our campus. Look for the door in the center of the building, near the gate to the play-yard.

Sunday School classes for children in grades 6-8 meet in the Winterberg Education Center (WEC), on the east side of our campus. Enter through the main door of the WEC off the green space, and in the atrium, ask to be directed to the class for your child’s age group. Sunday School Room #1 is next to childcare.

Sunday School for youth in grades 9-12 meets in the Youth Room, located in the Education West, in the far door closest to the parking lot.

Classes and groups for adults meet in a variety of locations, depending on the expected size of the group and the space available. Look for free-standing sign-posts on the walkways each week for the classes that will be meeting that day and their locations. Common places for these classes to meet include:

  • The Fireside Room, our “fellowship hall,” located off the large cement area near Education East and the Winterberg Education Center
  • Winterberg Education Center, Room #2, accessed through the main WEC entrance, and immediately to your left
  • The Office Conference Room, which can be found near the reception area of the Office (enter from the main patio)