Where are the rest rooms?

There are a number of restrooms available on our campus. They are located:

  • In John Wesley Hall Sanctuary/worship space, men’s and women’s rooms are behind the back right corner (as you face the front). Also accessed by the hallway door beside the cabinet/table in the narthex (entryway).
  • A wheelchair accessible restroom is located in John Wesley Hall Sanctuary/worship space down the hall from the front right corner of the worship space (as you face the front).
  • In the Office building, two unisex restrooms are available behind the reception area. The volunteer at the desk will be glad to direct you.
  • From the Fireside Room, mens and women’s restrooms are located beyond the double doors on the east side of the building. The Office restrooms are also convenient from this location.
  • In the Winterberg Education Center, mens and women’s restrooms are located behind either side of the wall of the entryway atrium.
  • Restrooms for children are also located in Education East and Education West (childcare).