What goes on during the service?

The service includes bible readings, hymns, a song sung by the choir, a sermon and a time of sharing prayers of joy and prayers of concern. An offering will also be taken. The words for prayers and responses, as well as the hymns are projected onto a screen, but are also available on a printed bulletin. The bulletin can guide you as to what will be happening in the service, and indicates when, if you are able, you are requested to stand.There is usually a Children’s Message during which all children are invited to come and sit on the chancel (the raised area at the front of the sanctuary) to listen to and participate in the message. It is fine for parents to come forward with their children, especially if they are young or especially shy about coming forward the first few times. (See the Children’s participation section below for more information on kids & worship.)

The service usually ends with the congregation standing and being invited to join hands with the people around them while a benediction (a blessing) is given, followed by singing together a short song, “Go Now in Peace.” The accompanist will then play the postlude during which time you are invited to leave the sanctuary and join the rest of the congregation on the patio for coffee and fellowship. The service usually lasts about an hour, but on a communion Sunday or with other special happenings, it may run over by a few minutes.