May my children stay in the Sanctuary during the service?

You and your children should do whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

You are most welcome to keep your children in worship for the whole service. Some parents see helping their children learn to be a part of worship as an important part of children’s faith formation. Many families have discovered bringing special books or quiet activities and even small snacks help their children not get too restless. Activity Packs (a clipboard with pencils and markers, and activity pages) are available from a box at the front of the sanctuary near the choir risers. We keep them there because we offer them to children who are staying in the worship service after the Children’s Time, but you should also feel free to get an Activity Pack before the service begins.

If your children go to Childcare, or participate in Sunday School, we ask that you fill out a yellow “Registration Card for Children & Youth” which can be found in the chair-backs in the sanctuary and give to the staff member or teacher the first time they attend. This card gives parents/guardians a chance to give us any special information about your child that may be helpful, including allergies and other medical conditions. You should feel free to accompany your child to Childcare or Sunday School, especially if they are nervous the first few times.