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What time should I come?

We have one service on Sunday mornings, at 10:30 a.m. The accompanist begins playing a prelude at about 5 minutes before the service time, and the service starts (usually on time) with a greeting from the pastor.

What should I wear?

You will see people in a wide variety of attire at Wesley, and we are comfortable in that diversity. In general, we tend toward the casual: slacks and jeans for both men and women with shorts and sandals in the summer. But some people like to dress up, and that’s ok too. If your teenager wants to wear their torn jeans don’t fret, they will be in like company. Everyone is welcome!

What goes on during the service?

The service begins with announcements. We then share a welcome to one another, often in churches called sharing peace.  We shake hands and greet one another with words of peace and welcome.  The service includes a time of silence, bible readings, hymns, a song sung by the choir, a sermon and a time of sharing prayers of joy and prayers of concern. An offering will also be taken. The words for prayers and responses, as well as the hymns are projected onto a screen, but are also available on a printed bulletin. The bulletin can guide you as to what will be happening in the service, and indicates when, if you are able, you are requested to stand.

The service usually ends with the congregation standing and being invited to join hands with the people around them while a benediction (a blessing) is given, followed by singing together a short song, “Go Now in Peace.” The accompanist will then play the postlude during which time you are invited to leave the sanctuary and join the rest of the congregation on the patio for coffee and fellowship. The service usually lasts about an hour, but on a communion Sunday or with other special happenings, it may run over by a few minutes.

Do you have any hearing-assistance devices?

Yes. Ask for one at the Media Tech booth, located at the back left of the sanctuary, near the stained glass windows.

What happens after the service?

The service is followed by coffee hour and fellowship, in which we gather to catch up and meet newcomers on the patio.

When is Communion?

Holy Communion is served at the service on the first Sunday of the month. Communion is served at other special services through the year, especially during Holy Week.

Who can participate in Communion?

United Methodists practice an “open table,” which means that anyone who wants to receive Communion in the spirit in which it is offered, including chilren, are welcome to come and receive both bread and cup.

How is Communion served?

We usually celebrate Communion by “intinction”. The ushers direct people up the center aisle, where the Communion servers hold the bread and “wine” (non-alcoholic white grape juice, since some of us are in recovery for alcoholism). Each person receives a piece of the bread, then dips it in the grape juice and eats it. Afterwards you return to your seat by way of the side aisles for a time of prayer and reflection. While Communion is being served, we sing hymns or the accompanist plays meditative music.