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Where is Wesley located?

Wesley is located on Barstow Ave. (between Shaw and Bullard Aves.), about halfway between First St. and Cedar Ave., near Fresno State’s Bulldog Stadium. Click here for a map. Look for our large sign on the southeast corner of Barstow and Fourth Street. Turn south off of Fourth St. to get to the only driveway with access to our campus.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking in our lots all the way around our campus. There are specially designated visitor parking spaces directly in from the driveway, and this would be a great place to park the first time you come.

How do I find the sancutary/worship space?

This can be a challenge for newcomers on our campus, which includes several separate buildings. John Wesley Hall is the multi-use space that is used for our Sunday morning worship services. It is the tallest building on our campus, and is located on the northwest corner of our property. As you come in the driveway from Fourth Street, you will see the back side of the building directly in front of you. The entrance to John Wesley Hall is from the patio in the center of our campus, and there are several walkways from the parking lots leading to the patio. If you are not sure, feel free to ask anyone you see to help you find the sanctuary.