The Sew-N-Sews, a group at Wesley UMC, make flannel diapers, sleepers, jackets, receiving blankets, and washcloths—all of which make up a Layette Kit for newborn infants. The kits are assembled and distributed by UMCOR, United Methodist Organization on Relief, from Salt Lake City, Utah, for disaster relief domestically and abroad. The Sew-N-Sews began in 2013, and in 2016 produced: 2,400 diapers, 600 jackets, 300 sleepers, at 700 washcloths, 90 receiving blankets from flannel, 120 knitted sweaters, and 250 school bags. (Bags are made from a different material.)

UMCOR distributes their disaster relief kits overseas to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) who have submitted a grant proposal to UMCOR requesting the kits. The receiving NGO is fully vetted by UMCOR to ensure the product is distributed according to the plan provided in their grant proposal. Later, the requesting NGO provides proof of distribution. UMCOR does not distribute to governments. The kits are freely given without reference to the United Methodist Church of the United States.

The Sew-n-Sew coordinator collects materials. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, or church affiliation, is invited to help. The patterns are traced on fabric and cut out. The cut pieces are stored and distributed to the members of the group. The completed items are returned to the coordinator for packaging and shipping.

Each Layette Kit contains six diapers, two sleepers, two jackets, two receiving blankets, two washcloths, and two safety pins. The contents and amounts of each item are determined by UMCOR. We collect materials designated by UMCOR and make the requested items to their specifications, and ship them to Salt Lake City using the following materials:

  • Flannel Prints and/or flannel solids, new and unwashed with:
    • no religious symbols or words
    • no military symbols or words
    • no patriotic symbols or words
  • Thread and bias tape, appropriate color for the fabric
  • Cash contributions, to pay for packaging and shipping
  • Sewing machines and labor are donated by the members

We can use your help. Remember, only flannel — not fleece!

For more information, contact Barb Bray.