Children’s Ministries

Sunday School

Sunday School for children ages 3 to grade 6 is offered every Sunday morning from September through May.

Most classes are held in the Education West Center on the west side of our campus. For more information, contact Claudia Andrews.   Children’s Ministries serve children from toddlers through grade 6. (See Youth Ministries for info on ministries with youth grade 7 and older). To help us better serve your family, we ask that once a year a parent or guardian fill out a Registration Form the first time a child attends Sunday School. This card gives parents/guardians a chance to give us any special information about your child that may be helpful, including allergies and other medical conditions.   For the protection of both the children, and the adults who work with them, our congregation, like most congregations in our United Methodist Conference, has a Safe Sanctuary Policy. This policy requires background checks for all adults working with children. For more information, contact via email Pastor Karen.   Childcare is offered on Sunday mornings and at other worship services, as well as for many meetings and classes. Our policy is to offer childcare anytime a parent makes a request if childcare is not already being offered for meetings or classes. Our childcare staff are trained and ready to welcome your children. As a safety precaution, we do ask that you sign your child/children in and out of childcare. If you have questions about childcare, or want to let us know you need childcare for an event or meeting, call the church office.   For more information, contact the Claudia Andrew at the church office at 224-1947.