All Soul’s Day

This is a sacred time to remember family members and friends who have died over the past year and celebrate what their lives meant to us individually, and in the case of congregation members, what they meant to our community of faith. All Souls Day is also an important time to recognize that grief is a process, not a on-time event. As a church family, we are called to remember that, and to support each other. Just as we know that God, our ever-present helper, supports us in all things, but most especially during life’s most challenging times.


On Sunday November 1st, our worship service will commemorate All Souls Day.

One component of remembrance will be a photographic slideshow that will be displayed prior to worship. If you have lost a loved one over the last year, and would like to include a picture in the slideshow, please submit  the photo to the office by October 26th. As you view the slideshow on November 1st, we invite you to engage in prayer for the loved ones still in grief. From our Christian understanding we believe that those loved ones who have gone before us are now in a better place and are also at peace. We pray that those who are still grieving may experience a measure of peace as well.

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