E-Giving News

Did you know you can give to Wesley electronically through Vanco? Loading the application on your phone or going online is easy and you save Wesley administrative dollars by giving in this way. When you donate with a check, whether in the plate or from your bank, staff and volunteers handle that transaction five times. Through Vanco, the same transaction is only handled twice.

Thank you for your generous donations!

Sierra Service Team Leaves July 7

Wesley is sending a Sierra Service Project (SSP) Team (https://sierraserviceproject.org/) of 5 youth and 3 adults to San Diego for a week.

SSP is an ecumenical Christian nonprofit organization, providing life-changing service projects in low-income communities. Team members experience the “profound power of serving people with a culture and background different from their own. All youth are welcome and affirmed at SSP. They create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, staff, and adults to explore the connection between faith and service, and strive to exemplify God’s unconditional love. SSP embraces diversity, which gives communities strength and vitality, and believe we are more impactful when we collaborate with others. Serve with SSP in San Diego’s South Bay to explore these issues which are very real in the communities adjacent to the US / Mexico border.”

The 2019 SSP site will be located in Imperial Beach. This will be the fifth year for SSP and the second year for Wesley serving in San Diego County, but the second in Imperial Beach.

Some of the team may also visit Friendship Park on both sides of the US / Mexico border and will have the opportunity to sign up for a day trip to Tijuana, and others will stay in the US for a day of learning and serving.

While the Wesley team is traveling and working, they are asking for your prayers: Sunday – Pray for a safe drive to San Diego; Monday – Pray for the work team; Tuesday – Pray for Joy; Wednesday – Pray for renewed strength; Thursday – Pray for understanding; Friday – Pray for renewed faith; and Saturday – Pray for a safe return to Fresno.

Jan Everhart Preached at Wesley

Jan Everhart preached at Wesley on Sunday June 23. Jan was the pastor at Wesley for 9 years from 1989 to 1998. She left Wesley to return to school and was awarded a PhD from Iliff School of Theology. She then took a position at Simpson College in Iowa in 2003. Jan is returning to California and will begin a new appointment on July 1st as the Senior Pastor at Central UMC in Stockton. You can watch Jan’s sermon here: https://www.facebook.com/WesleyFresno/videos/783909855339045/

Update from the Trustees

The Wesley Board of Trustees meets each month on the fourth Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Library to discuss the property and buildings, their usage, maintenance, and long-term goals. The trustee meetings are open to all members of Wesley.

Over the past twelve months, the trustees have worked on addressing utility costs. We met with a few solar companies in 2018 and determined that is is not feasible. Tax credits residential properties receive to offset the cost of the panels and installation are not available to the church as a non-profit. The only possibility for cost savings would be purchasing the panels and installation. The cost is prohibitive and beyond our budget.

However, the cost saving on electronic costs from 2017-2018 was substantial due to the LED replacement of outdoor lighting. Costs went from $30,000 in 2017 to $23,000. Sewer water costs will be reduced as well in 2019 as most of the water cost increases are due to the irrigation of the property and do not impact water to the sewer. Low winter water costs will be used all year round which should show a water cost savings of $3,000 – $4,000 for 2019.

In other news, the bees are gone! The trustees found a beekeeper who was able to remove the bees, their queen and the 10-year-old hive from our tower in JWH. they have continued to use natural methods to dissuade them from returning. This has been a problem for several decades that we hope is solved.

Electronic Giving is Good for You and for the Church

Electronic gifts:  

  • are fast and secure  
  • reduce administrative costs  
  • allow for more of every dollar to fund the important work we do  

You can:

  • give any time, anywhere to your favorite funds  
  • use a credit card or a bank account schedule and manage recurring donations
  • make one time donations to special appeals

If you would like to give electronically, visit our website and go to the “Donate” page. Or, you can download the free GivePlus Mobile App wherever you get your apps. We are using Vanco Payment Solutions to facilitate our electronic giving. For more information, contact Vickie Healy 559-285-6635.

Wesley Nurture & Care Committee

Did you know? Our church has a committee: That offers ongoing Christian fellowship through personal contact, prayer, concern, support, and hope to members who are  hospitalized, in skilled facilities for rehabilitation, living in assisted care facilities, or who are confined/restricted to their homes by illness or disability. This is the mission of the  Wesley Nurture & Care Committee.

If you are interested in joining the committee or ever have information on a church member who may need the support of the team, please contact Lynn Slaw Severson 559-706-3672.

Be a MAGI (Ministry Area Giving Investor)

Would you like to give intentionally to a ministry area of Wesley?  

There are things we need to purchase on a regular basis and our budget could use some help in covering these costs. Here are some ideas of how you can help out:

  • Office supplies (paper, envelopes, printer ink, etc.)
  • Hospitality (coffee, cups, etc.)
  • Children’s Ministry (Sunday School supplies, books, etc.)
  • Any other ministry you can think of

If you can give an additional monetary gift, write MAGI and the name of the ministry area on the memo line of your check. If you give electronically, talk to Vickie about ways to note your MAGI giving. Your monetary gift can make a big difference in balancing our budget.  

If you have any questions, please ask Kimberli Parenteau.

Amazon Smile

For the time period of January 1st through March 31st, 2019, we received a donation of  $143.97 from Amazon Smile as a result of the designated shopping on Amazon. We appreciate that you have designated Wesley as your recipient!

If you have any questions about how to make Wesley your designated charity on Amazon, you can contact the church at (559) 224-1947.

Ongoing Small Classes

SUNDAY Meditation 9:15 am, Winterberg #2  

MONDAY Bible Study 11:00 am, Winterberg #3  “Confucius, Buddha, Muhammad, and Jesus…”                

MONDAY 6:00 pm, Parsonage (call office for address), Reading the gospel of Luke. WEDNESDAY 10:00 am, Library, Book Study, A Companion for the Hospice Journey by Larry Patten

THURSDAY 10 am, Library, Women’s Bible Study, The Girl’s Still Got It by Liz Curtis Higgs Study

Lydia’s House

Saturday, June 15th // 9am – 12pm

“Being an Advocate” Theme for 2019: Making Sense of Life’s Changes”

All women are invited. Bring a mug and fruit (cut up) or bakery item to share.  For more information contact: Sally Adlesh at 559-324-9608 or Sylvia Pethoud at 559-438-7705.

You can talk to Vickie, who is in the office on Thursday afternoons. For more information, you can contact the office at 224-1947.