Sunday haul

I saw this in my email inbox and I just couldn’t wait until Monday to post it.  It’s the latest update from Barb and Charis on the work and ministry they are doing for Valley Children’s, UMCOR, and Dress A Girl.  Please below…

Whoo Hoo! I made a haul today!

Last week when I went to Valley Children’s Hospital, I took 40 items: 12 handmade knitted infant sweaters for the Neonatal I.C.U. and the rest in pillowcases and blankets for the bigger kiddos.

Today I was handed 22 pillowcases and 11 blankets!! Wow! This Friday I’ll made another delivery. We are cookin’. Since Charis works there, she has often said that she saw several pillowcases on the kids beds when she went into their rooms for treatments!! What a nice touch. Cotton is great, flannel is soft! Either works.

I wish the kids to get well fast and take them home. Some do. But others are there for many days, some for many weeks. So they are a blessing either way!!

Some of us are cutting and sewing school book bags for UMCOR. And 6 dresses have been made for Dress A Girl. We are diversified!!

Thanks, Thanks for all you do. Any part you play is appreciated. Trust me!!

(P.S. Stay tuned for another Days For Girls gathering!)

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