Sunday communion service

This Sunday is our monthly communion service at Wesley.  We celebrate the breaking of bread as a regular expression of our faith and community worship regularly.  You can mark your calendars for the fist Sunday every month if you are a scheduler like me.  Our communion table is open to all and you don’t have to be a registered member of the United Methodist Church to share in this sacrament.  Like Pastor Karen always says, “the communion table is not mine nor is it UMC’s.”  The communion table and sacrament belongs to God and therefore everyone is welcome.  Not matter what your faith background or journey is or has been in the past we invite everyone who feels led to partake of this blessed ceremony.  Our communion service is open to all walks of life…rich or poor…white or black…straight or gay.  It’s absolutely one of my favorite things about Wesley.  Please join us if you feel so inspired.  🙂

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