Sew-N-Sews update from Barb Bray

Here is another update from Barb Bray…I just cut and paste from her last email message.  We will have a Sew-N-Sews page or section on the site soon….

**Remember tomorrow is the workday for Days For Girls in Kerman, 9-12 or anytime you get there. This is the training we need to see the whole project and help get us started.

**The most needed blankets at Valley Children’s are for the big kids/teenagers. Should be flannel or cotton, about 36″ X 50 to 55″. I have fabric to share with you.

** The fun message is: While I was volunteering at V.C.H. Thursday, I got to pass out the pillowcases we made on Wed. the day before. Now THAT was fun! They would look them over or their parents and were so appreciative! If they were sleeping, I left them on their bed or crib. One little patient wanted to go with me to give them out. So cute. She knocked on their doors and said, “Would you like a blanket or pillowcase?”

** All you help with, cutting, sewing, ironing is most appreciated and self-rewarding!! 🙂

** I have 20 Bookbags cut out for UMCOR, also easy to make. Helps kids got to go to school in far out places. They are loaded with school supplies before they are given out.

** We’ll have another workday for our SewNSews group in early April. Stay tuned!!

Barb and Charis (please call for more info) 284-7836

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