You might reconnect with creative activities. One way is to use your camera/phone to take photos and to share them each day throughout Lent. Photo-a-Day has been a fun and creative discipline for many Wesley folks over the last few years. Re-think Church provides a “calendar” of words to focus our photos and thoughts. Post your photo on social media and add a hashtag like #wesleyfresno #whereallstillmeansall and #reconnectingwithanunhurriedGod

Here are some dates and words to get you started:

  • March 6 Full
  • March 7 Tempted
  • March 8 Given
  • March 10 Rest
  • March 11 Pray
  • March 12 Dazzling
  • March 13 Accomplish
  • March 14 Weighed
  • March 15 Good
  • March 16 Chosen

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