Good news and recognition

When I was doing leadership development for FedEx Office many moons ago we used to have a part of our weekly team conference call dedicated to “good news and recognition.”  This was a time for anyone in the district could talk about good things or training “wins” no matter how big or small.  If you wanted to give a shout out to someone who was doing a good job or went above and beyond the call of duty…this was the time for it.

I mentioned this last Sunday in my oral report to the church but I wanted to post it here too.  For many, many months both the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees have been discussing many things and ideas on how we can be better stewards of God’s money.  Mark Layous and his team do a bang up job keeping the grounds and buildings looking as sharp as we can with the resources we have available.  As a part of our processes on both committees we started looking harder at some of our bigger expense items.

To make a long story shorter:  Emma Sultan took over two projects that were started in committee and really needed someone to just bird dog them to the finish line.  Aa a result, we discovered that we qualified for an adjustment in our water rate.  After all the paperwork and phone calls and forms we did succeed in getting a new rate.  This new rate (that will take effect this year) will help us save $3,500.  After having a PG&E audit we discovered that our number one drain on energy were outdated lighting in the parking lot.  Mark has been working with some vendors who will upgrade these lights to LED panels.  When this project is complete this will translate to about $7,000 in reduce cost this calendar year!

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