Christmas greenery still for sale

As many of you know, Paige Addington headed up the greenery sale for us this year as a fundraiser.  The order has come in and we have been filling the orders for everyone who prepaid.  I bought two myself and gave one to my mom and she loved it.  I was actually surprised at the high quality of my wreath and love the look and feel and smell of the fresh pine.  Thanks to everyone who participated and helped the church raise some much needed funds for the church.

We did order a few extra items to sale if anyone didn’t have a chance to pre order last month and they will be sold first come first serve.  There are four wreaths left for sale and they are still fresh and new in the original packaging.  They are $25 each and if we sell all four we can add another $100 to the greenery sale total for this holiday season.  Please reach out to Mike Martinez at or Myra Cubos at to claim your wreath!  We will take cash, check, or charge.  Just let us know.  You can also call the church at (559) 224-1947 today.

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